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Send - /send/ v. to complete a route successfully.

We are Dayton’s Youth Climbing Team. We cater to girls and boys between the ages of 5 and 17. With two teams, any climber will have a place.

We Have Two Teams

Team Send-IT Dayton Competition Team

We are Dayton’s premier youth climbing team. We travel all over Ohio and The US to compete and represent Dayton. We work hard to develop the skills we have and show them off. We enjoy the traveling and the competitive nature of what we do.

*New members must go through Basic Send-IT Team

$80 + Gym Membership to Urban Krag per Month

Basic Send-IT Team

Not everyone is born of rock. Basic Send-IT is focused on helping those future climbers develop their skill and work toward the “Send”. We will work on everything from how to hold yourself to the wall to how to twist your body. We will work on the strengthening your toes to your fingers. This is intended to be a low-pressure, skill and strength building, and most importantly, a fun experience.

$50 + Gym Fees per Month